Secure Transportation News – December 2021

In the December issue of Secure Transportation News we look ahead to the future and the upcoming challenges, shortages, and enhanced vehicle technology.

The Future of Secure Transportation

For those responsible for their principals’ safe and secure transportation, 2022 will create unprecedented challenges brought on by the computer chip shortage, the increased use of connected vehicles, and the changing landscape of the automotive industry and the EP/Secure Transportation profession.

11 predictions that will impact Secure Transportation services

Cyberattacks On Vehicles Pose A Threat To Drivers And Manufacturers

One of the many changes coming to Secure Transportation is the mitigation of Vehicle Cyberattacks. When you consider that all Executive vehicles utilize the most current technology, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), Sensors, lidar, GPS, cameras, and in-vehicle systems are vulnerable to attacks.

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Telematics – Measuring Driving Skills?

Telematics devices collect and measure data related to driving habits and behaviors, and the new Infrastructure bill ensures it is coming to your vehicle. So, what are the telematics measuring?

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The Dynamic and Human Driving Tasks

In all our 48 years in the profession, we would have never thought or considered that the automotive engineering community would be required to define how humans and computers interact while driving a vehicle.

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Lucid Air EV Motor Trend Car of the Year

Over the years, we have taken the Motor Trend Car of the Year award with a grain of salt – but this year is different. This year the award went to the Lucid Air Electric Vehicle. Although the interior dimensions of the Lucid Air may not meet a Security Vehicle’s needs, the vehicle’s performance and innovative technology make it a security vehicle in waiting.

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