The ESK Career Success Triangle: Planning for a Career in Protective Services

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In Vehicle News

From Automotive Fleet

8 Auto Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Manufacturers are adding increasingly cutting-edge technology options to their vehicles, and the coming year should bring additional options to enhance safety and integrate smartphones, according to the editors at Autotrader, who have released their list of the Best New Automotive Technology for 2019.

“From surround-view cameras to steering avoidance, new technology features can give drivers a better look at what’s around them or extra help to prevent collisions,” said Tara Trompeter, managing editor for Autotrader. “Car buyers can find many of these technology options in every segment, from sub-compact cars to full-size SUVs, making it worth checking closely to see what’s available across different models and brands.”

Autotrader’s Best New Automotive Technology for 2019:


And from Consumer Reports

2019 Audi A8 Is a First-Class Cruiser in a Subtle Package

CR’s testers detail their first impressions of this new luxury sedan

The 2019 Audi A8 has been redesigned to court sophisticated buyers in the ultra-luxury sedan segment, with a focus on extra creature comforts, including heated armrests, technology, and partially automated driving capabilities.

Consumer Reports recently purchased their own A8 L and immediately began comparing it with other high-end models, such as the BMW 7 SeriesMercedes-Benz S-Class, and the recently tested Lexus LS. This is an exclusive group, and any model looking to compete has a high bar to reach.

These are consumer reports first impressions of this new model.


The A8 is immensely satisfying to drive, with a smooth and responsive powertrain, an almost magic carpet ride, and an interior that’s as nice as a five-star hotel (and almost as roomy).

CR’s Take

Despite sales numbers that show thousands of consumers migrating to SUVs, Audi’s new A8 is a clear indication that sedans still can have a rich appeal. This car encompasses everything luxury buyers crave, such as a cushy ride, excellent seats, and a tomb-quiet cabin. As Consumer Reports do with all of their test cars, they’ll be putting the A8 through a litany of more than 50 tests after they’ve driven it for an initial 2,000 miles.


In Driving News

From Motor Authority

Should you warm up your engine before driving?

It’s a generally held rule: Let your car warm up a bit before heading off to tackle the day. But is it really necessary?

In a word? No.

Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained is here to explain why today’s cars don’t really need to be warmed up before driving. Basically, it comes down to the wonders of fuel injection.


In Executive Protection News

From the International Security Driver Association

The ESK Career Success Triangle, Planning for a Career in Protective Services

We have all talked about this; for many, finding a career path or advancing a career is the most challenging tasks they face. We have also talked at length and ad nauseam about training providers that will use your desire and passion to sell training that has no market value.

No matter what is said by whom, to succeed in the Protective Services profession, you need to gain career capital by collecting marketable experience, skills, and knowledge (ESK).

Instead of just talking about the career path to success, the International Security Driver Association (ISDA) and their members have created three documents outlining that path. The documents are – the ESK Triangle, the ISDA Roadmap (ISDA members only), and the ISDA Roadmap Checklist.

The ISDA ESK Triangle

The ISDA ESK Triangle represents the three critical elements needed to reach your goals – Experience – Skills, and Knowledge. To be successful at just about anything, you have to have all three corners of the triangle. If you’re missing any one of these, it will be harder to reach your goals. Those who do not succeed in their profession or do not achieve their goals fail because one of the pieces of the triangle was missing, was not marketable or was the wrong ESK for the intended goal.

Download the ISDA Roadmap to Career Success Checklist


Lastly, just a quick reminder that the ISDA has put together its annual Holiday Gift Guide for the executive protection and secure transportation professional. In the gift guide, we include recommended books, gear, and tech. If you’re looking for last minute Christmas gifts visit our gift guide go to


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