Year in Review – Top Ten ISDA Articles for 2017

2017 Top Ten ISDA Articles

We are days away from the start of 2018 and as we plan for the year ahead, what better time to review the top ten most popular International Security Driver Association (ISDA) articles of 2017.  The ISDA website alone garnered over 66,000 views for the year. The ISDA Network combined received close to 100,000 views!

As you review the list below a couple of things to note. The articles are in hierarchical order (least to most). We are very proud that most of the articles were written by ISDA members who were, and continue to be, giving back to the EP community by sharing their knowledge and experience. Lastly, a couple of articles were published in 2016 and were reshared in 2017.

10. Lessons Learned From EP Experience

by ISDA Member Tom Taylor

A post covering the lessons learned from decades of experience supplying high-end protection around the globe.

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9. Killing Zone: A Professional’s Guide to Preparing and Preventing Ambushes

An old book from an old friend – Since its release in 1994, Killing Zone: A Professional’s Guide to Preparing and Preventing Ambushes has been hailed by military professionals for its clarity and depth of understanding of ambushes. Now, this classic book has been retitled and thoroughly revised and updated for today’s evolving battlefield.

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 8. Some Quick Thoughts About Phone Etiquette as an EP Professional

by ISDA Member Gerry Boniello

An excerpt from the article – “Admittedly I place a great deal of emphasis, perhaps more than most or even more than I should, on appearance and communications skills, written and verbal. However, I believe you have to always be your very best and stand out, by constantly promoting your “personal brand” confidently and professionally, in order to be successful in this industry.”

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 7. Princess Diana’s Longtime Bodyguard Reveals Who He Blames for Her Death

by ISDA Member Glen Edmunds

“An interesting read and a lot can be learned from “reading between the lines” a classic case of “spiraling negatives” and how one negative put on another starts to build into a classic cluster and leads to a disaster.”

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6. Route Planning and Analysis
Developing a Vehicle Ambush Counter-Measures Program

by ISDA Member Steve Powers

An ISDA Note – This article was written by ISDA members Steve Powers approximately 15 to 18 years ago.   
A protective movement is the process of getting your principal from Point A to Point B in a timely and safe manner. To do so in a vehicular motorcade, it is essential that a vehicle ambush countermeasures program be developed specifically addressing all aspects of the vehicular movement.
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 5. The Science of Walking or Driving the Principal – Time and Distance

An attack on the principal is a time, distance relationship. Moving the principal, driving or walking is managing time and distance. If there is an attack on the principal (AOP), driving or walking, any delay in the decision-making process will equate to less time and distance. No matter what level of skill the practitioners possesses if there is not enough time and distance to use the skill, bad things will happen.

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4. An Analysis of a Vehicle Urban Gunfight

by ISDA Member Gerardo Corona

February 07th 2017 a rolling gunfight between Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) factions occurred in Villa Juarez, Navolato, Sinaloa Mexico.  This is a PowerPoint presentation of the event created by ISDA Member Gerardo Corona.

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 3. Armored Vehicle Basics – Part 1

Armored Vehicle Basics – Part One is a short presentation of an upcoming online learning course that will cover Armored Vehicles.

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2. The Science of a Two Vehicle Scenario

The following is an explanation of why a two-car scenario can create a risk to the principal and some suggestions on how to mitigate that risk. The risk starts with what scientists call “driver’s eye height.”

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 1. Counter-Ambush Tactics for Civilians

By ISDA Member Tom Pecora
Anyone can become a victim of an ambush, be it a robbery, carjacking, or straight up assault. If we work in or travel through hostile environments (war zones, insurgent areas, high crime neighborhoods) we need to utilize some specific skills to prevent or survive an ambush.

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