Author: Steve Powers

A Rare Win in Mexico - Government officials attack

According to Cop saves three government officials, “On February 2, a Veracruz State Police officer assigned to protect Acayucan district attorney Marisela Rojas, thwarted an assassination attempt by three gunmen in Villa de Oluta. Rojas, local Congresswoman Florencia Martínez, and an unnamed councilman were at El Delirio restaurant when the attack took place. The targeted attempt was believed to be related to an investigation by Ms. Rojas into a January 15 shooting that left two people dead at a bar in the city of Acayucan.

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Since the route the intended victim takes is so critical to the targeting process, a vehicle ambush countermeasures program must include thorough route planning and analysis. Unfortunately, experience, lack of time, and sudden changes to the protectee’s schedule all contribute to route planning and analysis being neglected.

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