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The International Security Driver Association (ISDA) Executive Protection and Secure Transportation Magazine (EPST) is one of the oldest Protective Services publications in the profession. The magazine has been read by Executive Protection and Secure Transportation practitioners from over 300 Fortune companies, security personnel for High-Net-Worth Families, Private Security Companies, and various Military/Government agencies through four decades.

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Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is a computer that takes over control of the vehicle when the vehicle’s path is not what the driver intended it to be. For those of us who have lost control of a car, we know that it’s that first twitch of the car that tells us that we are about to have an exciting experience. That twitch is information the car is sending to us. For some, interpreting this information is second nature, and for others, it’s like trying to understand Swahili. That sinking feeling we get in our stomach is the car telling us that it’s not going where we want it to go, but it is going on a path that it wants to go. The value of ESC is that it interprets the information, in most cases, before the average driver or even the above average driver can sense the problem. Once the ESC computer reads the information it starts to set the car on the correct path before we can figure out what’s going on.

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