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The Science of Series

The Science of Time and Distance Workshop

The International Security Driver Association (ISDA) has created a series of online Courses and Workshops. The Courses and Workshops are free to the ISDA Membership. The first Workshop is the Science of Time and Distance.

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Jet Tracking Problem and Surveillance Detection Solution

In June of 2020, a young student at the University of Central Florida created a Twitter bot using Raspberry Pi and an algorithm to process jet tracking data left publicly accessible by the US Federal Aviation Administration. In early 2022 the possibility of bypassing the confidentiality of private jet travel was made public by news coverage of exchanges between Elon Musk and the student.

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Carjackings Skyrocketing

A dramatic increase in Carjackings

Carjackings are a crime of great concern to all Security Drivers and Secure Transportation Providers. Unlike auto theft, carjacking involves violent confrontation with an offender or the perceived threat of violence that could cause death or serious bodily injury.  Several major cities have experienced triple-digit increases in carjackings — the highest escalations in the nation.

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Surveillance Detection Series

Understanding how, when, and where an attacker is likely to conduct surveillance as well as how to plan, manage and conduct effective surveillance detection operations is an essential tool for security providers. The following is a list that contains articles and podcast episodes on the topic of Surveillance Detection.

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