Security Driver Magazine (SDM) – The First 3 Issues

Moving forward Security Driver Magazine (SDM) will be the International Security Driver Association (ISDA) Journal for the Secure Transportation Professional. SDM is a Quarterly publication that addresses the issues that affect ISDA members.

The Journal is free to all ISDA Members and will be available to non-members for a fee. The Magazine is sent to key decision makers in the Corporate, High Net Worth, and Military/Government market.

SDM reaches an average of 7500 readers, from 20 countries, not high numbers, but it’s who reads it vs. how many read it. The readers vary from new into the business to practitioners managing EP and Secure Transportation. The readers include over 300 Fortune companies, security personnel for High Net Worth Families, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Military/Government personnel all with an interest in Secure Transportation.

Issue Three
The cover article for the third Issue of Security Driver Magazine (SDM) gets to the point of what we do and why we do it – “What Keeps You Awake at Night”.  There are eight articles covering a wide range range of topics. Bill Clark talks about the “Detection of a Suicide Vehicle Borne Attack” – Tom Taylor puts together a guideline for hiring drivers, also a rather unique discussion on Driving the High/Medium Value Target in a Motor Coach, by Mark Robinson and Andrew Wolveridge covers “The Benefits of Hiring Local” And of course an article about Security Driving by Gino Pyrios – also there are articles by Tony Scotti and Larry Snowcover 3

The Magazine

Download – You can go to this site which is a PDF of the E Magazine and print and/or download a copy.

Issue Two
The Magazine
This issue has articles by Joe Autera – Frank Gallagher – Glen Edmonds – Larry Snow – and Tony Scotti.

cover 2


Download – You can go to this site which is a PDF of the E Magazine and print and/or download a copy.zine





cover 1

Issue One
Introducing Security Driver Magazine; this first issue is a Beta test. The articles cover – Security Driving and Electronic Stability Control – Line of Sight Driving – Reaction Time and Armor for Small Cars.

The Magazine

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