ISDA Member Spotlight – Donald Sadler and Antonio Griffin

This month our Spotlight features two ISDA Members Donald Sadler and Antonio Griffin. Don and Antonio work in tandem supplying Secure Transportation and Executive Protection Services in the State of Texas. They have also worked in the same capacity in other areas of the US.

Their Backgrounds

Don Sadler

ISDA Member Don Sadler

Don Sadler, Owner of Dauntless Transportation Group

Don has over 30 years of professional driving experience. His knowledge base includes training in pre-advance route planning, personal protection, trauma care, and Celebrity/Executive protection. This knowledge and skill are what separates them from your everyday limousine/car service company.

His company, Dauntless Transportation Group, LLC (DTG), is a ground transportation company based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. DTG supplies safe and secure transportation, and Don has fulfilled the IRS requirements for Secure Transportation.

The DTG market is not limited to the Dallas area, with their far-reaching affiliations through the ISDA membership and other relationships developed while working in the security industry throughout the US.

Don’s education comes from ICON/ESI Celebrity Protection & Behavioral Intelligence Course, Vehicle Dynamics Institute (VDI), Solo Practitioner & Evasive/Protection Drivers courses.  His medical training is from the Lone Star Medics of Fort Worth, Texas where Don received his certification as a Medic-1 in Trauma care.

He has supplied services in all slices of the profession; as lead driver for the security team of an A-List music artist on their US and Canadian tour, receiving and transferring international business personal from Mexico who needed secured transportation as well as high net worth local families and corporate executives.

His company, DTG, is licensed and commercially insured limo company in the state of Texas. Don works closely with the Reticent Group, LLC, and CEO Antonio Griffin.

Don’s Vehicle choice: 2018 Chevy Suburban with captain chairs and limo tint.

Don’s contact information

Phone: 214-957-7486


Email: [email protected]

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Antonio Griffin

ISDA Member Antonio Griffin

Antonio Griffin, Owner of The Reticent Group Protective Service

Mr. Griffin is the owner and manager of The Reticent Group Protective Service. Antonio started building his career in 2010 as a security guard in one of the nation’s most highly recognized megachurches in Dallas. While in that role he worked his way up to supervisor and field training officer. Antonio took his talents to the next level by attending nationally recognized EP schools such as EPI, ICON/ESI Celebrity VIP & Behavioral Intelligence. Antonio has completed Vehicle Dynamics Institute’s (VDI) Protective Evasive Driving and Solo Practitioners training programs and has completed the ATAB certification program.

Antonio’s experience covers all aspects of the profession, including supplying security at concert venues, film shoots, and corporate events.  As an indication of his commitment to the profession, his company The Reticent Group has provided bodyguard services for many clients and their families.

Throughout his career, he has had the chance to work with some of the industry’s top professionals. Antonio’s skill, knowledge, and experience, coupled with his drive, determination, and attention to detail are his most valuable assets. He has a strong work ethic and has proven to be client-focused. His history indicates that he continually meets and exceeds client expectations.

Both Don and Antonio have the required Skills, Knowledge, and Experience needed to meet the needs of the EP/ Secure Transportation market. They supply their services through their companies. Antonio has fulfilled the IRS requirements for Secure Transportation.

Antonio’s Contact Information:


Email: [email protected]

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