Miscellaneous Ramblings of an Old Man Part Three

Damn, I’m 73 today. Starting in the mid 70’s I am in my 5th decade of working in the “business”. In the mid 70’s this what we DID NOT have available to us: Cell Phones, Fax Machines, Computers, Email, Internet, Social Media, Texting, and a host of other must have “stuff”, it was amazing we survived. In the 70’s a Friend was actually a Friend, someone you met and knew what they looked like. Executive Protection meant you actually protected an Executive – what a concept. Well these are the ramblings of an old man.

 Life is too short to be mediocre.

 Many people do not reach their goals because they are afraid to fail. In 5 decades I have screwed up so many times that I can tell you from personal experience – fear of failure is really overrated.

Facebook has become the chest thumping capitol of the world, come on, if you are a leader and an expert at whatever, do you really have to say it on every post? A hint – if you have to tell people you are an expert and a leader – YOU’RE NOT.

 By far this is the best Facebook message I have received – “No matter how bad and tough you think you are when a two year old hands you a toy phone you answer it.” I know when my four year old granddaughter hands me her toy phone not only do I answer it but I also have a conversation with her imaginary friend  which usually more enlightening  than most of the posts on Facebook.

 Speaking of Facebook this is from the original Miscellaneous Ramblings: Don’t assume malice for what stupidity can explain.

I don’t need to be associated with people that make me look stupid. I have a proven track record that I can do that all by myself without their help.

 Along that same line, the saying, “With age comes wisdom “- well that is not exactly true in my case. I sold my Porsche and bought a Malibu – an f’n Malibu.

 Just in case you’re wondering I’m not arrogant, I just have deep personal confidence.

I think it was Mickey Mantle that said this and I can vouch for its validity: If I knew I was going to live this long I would have taken much better care of myself.

 When you are 73 people call at 9 PM and ask, “Did I wake you?”

Also at 73 my supply of brain cells is finally down to a manageable size.

Are we are becoming the land of guarantees and not the land of opportunity? And why do I have to press one for English? When my parents came to this country they did not have the luxury of dialing 5 for Italian.

 At VDI we have computer control lighting system to control the decision making process. Joe and Larry have added a new control button for me – “old and slow”.

 I’m sure you have witnessed someone looking to the heavens and say “God why me.” Be honest, you know the answer back would be “because you are dumber than a bag of rocks.”

 When you are teaching ramming thru an interpreter and you say “hit the vehicle here” and 5 minutes later the interpreter is still talking – nothing good is going to happen.

Miscellaneous Ramblings of an Old Man Part Two

Miscellaneous Ramblings of an Old Man

Comments on Miscellaneous Ramblings of an Old Man Part Three

  1. Elijah Shaw says:

    Another great installment of ramblings, Tony. I think these need to be collected into a book. (However knowing you, you’ve always gone to press and are just waiting for the right moment! )

    One thing is for certain, even within the humor, there is a lesson.

    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

    1. securitydriver says:

      Thanks Elijah – no book yet – still working the next set of security books – Tony

  2. John Corning says:

    Thanks, you had me laughing at the 4 year olds imaginary friend on the other end of the line. Mr. Mantle’s quote is just icing on the cake.

    1. securitydriver says:

      Thanks John – you got to admit the comment about Facebook posts is accurate – Tony

  3. Don Feeney says:

    YOU can’t be that old that would mean I am almost 60!!! Liar Liar pants on fire! Love you postings just don’t get on this as much as I should. Well you already know you are my most valued Mentor, stay safe and Happy Birthday.

    1. securitydriver says:

      Don – Its great to hear from you. Hope all is going well. We did have some good times to together – I’ll send you an email. Tony

  4. Matthew Parker says:

    When you ramble at 73 they normally lock you away. In your case people sit and listen in rapt attention. Keep rambling on and Happy birthday.

    1. securitydriver says:

      Thanks Matt – looking forward to working with you

  5. Joe Hemmer says:

    Thanks for the insight which comes from wisdom. Your thoughts about facebook are right on! I still wonder why I have to go to my teenager’s facebook page to see how she is doing, as we sit together at the dinner table.

    1. securitydriver says:

      Joe – It is a different world – I am amazed at what can be done – a little scary for this old man.

  6. Adam Koch says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY-You have had a profound on many-thier careers and in turn thier lives.
    Rest assured-there are many of us who do not use facebook,twitter,answer phone calls and write letters
    and by the way–my four year old daughter can talk me into doing anything!!

    1. securitydriver says:

      Hi Adam – Hope all is going well – your four year old talking you into anything is not a bad thing

  7. Bob Oatman says:

    Tony: Happy Birthday Tony – such good memories but more important a long lasting friendship. Class act and someone you have not seen in 6 months and in seconds a great conversation. Continue your ongoing success – retirement is way over rated. All the best: Bob Oatman

    1. securitydriver says:

      Thank you Bob – we do have some good memories, Your longevity in the business and the standard you have set for training and operations is what this is all about, take care

  8. Michael Wargo says:

    Happy Birthday, Tony. You are one in a million. Thank you for all you have done (and continue to do) to keep people safe. You will probably never know how many lives you have saved by sharing your vast knowledge, probably because they never knew they were in jeopardy. Best wishes for many more birthdays.

    1. securitydriver says:

      Thanks Mike – Hope all is going well – Take Care

  9. Jim Hughes says:

    Happy Birthday Old Man! I must be getting long in the tooth too! You were my in car instructor for my first of many training programs thru the years. Keep rambling…it’s great stuff! And valued by those of us who have benefited and continue to benefit from your knowledge. Thanks, Jim Hughes

  10. Happy Birthday Tony and thanks for the ramblings, insight and for passing along your knowledge. Keep em coming!

    Kevin Billings

  11. Tony Fazio says:

    That’s GREAT!! I love it! LOL!! Give then hell Tony!


  12. EDWARD AHEARN says:

    Ed Ahearn , Marshfield, Mass.

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