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Glen Edmunds, using the Science of Riding, has designed and manufactured the Anti-Crash Rider Training Aid (ACRTA) motorcycle. The ACRTA is used for on road and off road training in the Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving program. The catalyst for the design and development of the ACRTA are the environmental conditions under which Glen conducts his training. Much of the Glen’s training happens in remote areas where the tarmac is at a premium, these areas normally have a bush airstrip of a football pitch.

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By now, most of us agree that protection is a unique career field that we can’t learn about in college, in the police academy, or by watching re-runs of our favorite crime drama. Depending on where we envision our careers going, we should embark on a never-ending pursuit of training and refinement, hopefully from competent and capable instructors.

But, how do we find them?

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Command operated explosive devices are being used successfully worldwide. These devices were brought to the forefront by the Boston Marathon bombing.

This incident demonstrated that these types of explosive devices can be used effectively in the United States. The command operated device can be detonated by either remote control or wired directly, and requires the bomber to keep the device in his sight, while waiting for the intended target.

The bomber picks the place and time the device will be detonated.

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CEO Take Responsibility

An all too common response in the aftermath of a security incident serious enough to draw scrutiny and criticism is for the organization’s CEO to declare, “I take responsibility.” If this mea culpa is proclaimed boldly enough and with an air of authenticity it might actually be viewed as noble and possibly garner enough sympathy to get them off the hook.

But, if the CEO had not previously been committed to security, what does “I take responsibility” really mean? It means, “I screwed up. I wasn’t paying attention to important stuff I should have been.”

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