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Anyone can become a victim of an ambush, be it a robbery, carjacking, or straight up assault.  If we work in or travel through hostile environments (war zones, insurgent areas, high crime neighborhoods) we need to utilize some specific skills to prevent or survive an ambush.  In the protective operations world, these are sometimes referred to as Protective Intelligence (PI) skills while in other security disciplines they are known as situational and tactical awareness skills. 

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Since the route the intended victim takes is so critical to the targeting process, a vehicle ambush countermeasures program must include thorough route planning and analysis. Unfortunately, experience, lack of time, and sudden changes to the protectee’s schedule all contribute to route planning and analysis being neglected.

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Standards and Sharing Knowledge

EP Standards and Sharing Knowledge

“Someone asked me today why I share other companies training courses, services or articles since most of them are my ”competitors”?

This question and the rationale behind the question got me thinking. First of all, those who are connected with me on social platforms are mostly people I highly respect and admire their work.

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Security professionals, freshmen and seasoned, often inquire about the difference between domestic executive protection (EP) and how it contrasts or compares with international / high-threat executive protection. My intent with this blog post is to provide my opinion regarding the differences between the two as well as my views regarding the screening, vetting, selection, hiring, and training of both.

I cannot emphasize enough that this article is simply my views and may not be the same views of others within the industry. I am basing the contents of this blog post on my own international experience as a U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Services contractor, my domestic experience with federal law enforcement organizations and the U.S. Department of Defense, and my background as a security consultant and instructor in the private sector. These views are mine alone. It’s OK if you disagree.

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As a corporate protection driver for a global company, “constant readiness” is paramount. Whether it involves multiple itinerary changes, traffic and weather, a disabled vehicle, street threat or a medical emergency, a corporate protection driver relies on experience, training, and resources to successfully manage these and other events, occurring solely or in concert. It’s all part of making a challenging and rewarding job look easy.

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Opportunities found in touring security

Straight talk about the realities of working in this slice of the profession –ISDA Member and ICON CEO Elijah Shaw covers the opportunities found in the Tour Security slice of the Celebrity & VIP Protection pie.
In this short video Elijah shares his decades of knowledge base acquired from working all aspects of the profession.

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By and large people do not understand marketing or how it works and the vast majority of people in the security industry most certainly do not understand marketing.

I know it’s a sweeping statement, but it just happens to be true and it’s a subject Tony Scotti and I have discussed at length many times over the years.

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Top five reasons why your EP business need a social media strategy

Social media put plainly and simply is public conversations within established networks. These networks are made up of your friends, peers, colleagues, clients and potential clients. These networks or channels have various names such as Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, LinkedIn etc. Each is unique and useful in varying degrees to executive protection and security businesses.

Here are my top 5 reasons why your EP/Security Business needs a social media strategy:

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